Zamokuhle hospital

The Interior of Zamokuhle Hospital

Progress is going well at Building Division’s Site in Tembisa, The Zamokuhle Private Hospital.

The team at the hospital is pushing hard to have the hospital completed by the December break this year. This, however, is going to be a challenge, as we are being hammered with numerous changes. We wish Contracts Manager, Werner Steenkamp and Site Agent, Adam Hunter luck with these!

The Client, Lenmed Health, is quite happy with M&D’s progress and the commitment to deliver a good product.

We have been given additional work on this project and will now be doing all the Brickwork, Plaster and Screeds on the Second floor of the Hospital. This area is to be future wards and was to be finished as a shell but the Client decided to finish off all the Wet works as well. This work will be completed in the next 2-3 weeks.

A great thanks must be given to Adam and his team for working hard to get the building where it is today.

With the type of dedication and determination been shown by the team at Zamokuhle Hospital, M&D Building is sure to accomplish our Goals.