Pictured below is the aerial view of the wall construction at Mafenya Reservoir during the month of May . Since then ¾ of the outside walls of the tank have been completed. Work on the last ¼ will start early July, as soon as the roof installation is complete.

The Mafenya Reservoir project is essentially a combination of two reservoirs; a 5 Megalitre backup reservoir inside a 50 Megalitre Reservoir. This design is to ensure that water will still be available should maintenance be needed on the reservoir, at least one will always be full, eliminating “down time” on the reservoir.

A-Team (2)

The casting of the floor outside the internal 5 Ml reservoir

With the roof erection team on site, as well as the floors being under construction and the closing of the outside wall, the activity level inside the reservoir is extremely high. There are many moving parts which keeps Jaco and Themba (Forman and Safety Officer) busy making sure that the teams are safe and productive!

This level of activity will increase once the post tensioning team mobilise to site on the 20th of July.

A-Team (4)

Roof Erection underway

The roof is a precast system, with the columns, beams and roofing panels all precast off site and installed on completion of the bases and outside wall. This system is considerably quicker than the standard cast in-situ system. Below is a recent picture of the roof under construction.

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