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At M&D, we realise that to stay relevant we also need to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation in our industry. Our vision has always been to lead the way in construction excellence, and we continuously strive to achieve this by incorporating cutting-edge technology into our operations.

Apart from our integrated management technologies and systems, M&D is employing, where appropriate, technological advances in our operational, design and programming processes.

The introduction of innovative systems and equipment into our operations resonates with our core value of Finding the best Way and our UGR of Around here, we find Solutions.

Some of the technologies already introduced to selected projects are:

  • 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM)
    The powerful advantages of BIM allow us to create 3D models of both anticipated and current projects. This allows M&D, our clients and other stakeholders to understand the physical development of a project and the sequencing of its construction in a visual digital model. BIM software also enables the prediction of clashes of physical site components before construction starts, eliminating later delays.
  • Aerial drones
    By utilizing cameras on drones, we can capture high-resolution aerial images of construction sites, providing our teams with an accurate and comprehensive overview of the project’s progress. This allows us to make informed decisions and adjustments, improving the efficiency and quality of our work.
  • 3D point cloud scanning.
    This technology allows us to capture detailed and accurate three-dimensional data of existing structures or sites. This information is invaluable in ensuring that any new construction is precisely aligned with existing structures or terrain, reducing the likelihood of errors or delays.
  • 360 photogrammetry
    This technology allows the capture of high-quality images and videos of our projects. These immersive visualizations can be shared with stakeholders and clients, providing a more detailed and interactive view of projects, enhancing communication and collaboration amongst team members.

M&D has a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who investigate, source, trial, and introduce when appropriate, technologies that make both our lives and our clients’ lives easier.

Virtual Design and Construction

  • 3D Models

  • 4D Simulation

  • Construction illustrations

Virtual Design and Construction

  • 3D Point Cloud Scans

  • Virtual and Augmented In Reality

Virtual Design and Construction

  • Extract from our Vision / Traction Tool:

    10-YEAR TARGET (2027): A R4bn Company, at the forefront of technology, benefitting all stakeholders!

Current Investigations:

  1. Drone photogrammetry
  2. 360 degree photogrammetry
  3. 3D point cloud scan
  4. Project management systems
  5. Robotic total stations for site setting-out
  6. Tracking technologies (plant, equipment, key materials, labour etc.)
  7. Automated load scanning technologies
  8. Digital twins

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