Feedback: The Techno Girl & Murray and Dickson Construction Programme

Techno Girls

M&D’s Techno Girls (from left): Ayanda, Cornie, Thabiso and Boipelo

Ayanda – “I expected to be on site the whole time at M&D but luckily we weren’t. When we did go, I found it very interesting and learnt a lot”

Ayanda believes that respect is a very important tool for communication and hopes to learn about the different work sectors while in the Techno Girl Programme so that she may decide which one she will fit best.

Cornie – “I am with the Techno Girl programme to find out what job field I like most and will at the same time suit the way I think, dress and manage my time.”

Cornie was impressed by how things are run at M&D and at our commitment to community service. She was happy that their presence here was taken seriously in that everyone was prepared to meet them and their time here was well organized and welcoming. She felt encouraged to learn, grow and succeed from her experiences with us.

Thabiso – “I expect to gain more knowledge which will help me choose a good career for myself in the future.”

Thabiso learnt that construction is not just building a building but an exciting industry, based on many different disciplines and their work as a team . She found that she learnt more than she expected to and that she may be interested in a career in Quantity Surveying or SHERQ.

Boipelo – “It was amazing being at M&D. Thanks to everyone who took this programme seriously and our love to Mrs Sedibe.”

Boipelo says that she learnt something new each day she was at M&D and found the experience very interesting. She had fun learning about what actually goes into a construction project from before the building starts to go up to the actual building process.

“The next intake with the girls will be from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July, and we are eagerly awaiting the girls’ return to M&D for their next Job Shadowing experience with us.”

– Yolanda Sedibe, M&D HR and Remuneration Manager