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M&D Construction’s evolution over the years has been characterised by its adaptability and entrepreneurial approach to new challenges and opportunities.

This has not only resulted in a multi-disciplinary company, but it one that has developed the skills and resources to assist clients in the execution of unusual projects, with the development of innovative solutions to construction challenges.

M&D Construction has in addition developed partnerships that allow the company to take a lead in projects that also require the specialist skills that only partnerships can provide.

Apart from innovative solutions to projects of a general construction nature, the company is able to provide the expertise required for the following:

  • We invest in the establishment and operation of hydro energy recovery assets that generate power from the residual (energy from existing water pipelines, dams, pump networks, treatment plants and other water conveyance infrastructure globally
  • We provide solutions for significant cost reduction in dewatering using our patented Air Acceleration Pump System
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Specialised Deconstruction

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