Reddford Northcliff School 14th Avenue has been an incredible challenge due to the tight program. We were given 5 months to build the school (the Early Learning Centre and Preparatory School), with a deadline of the 23rd December, and thanks to the committed M&D Building team and subcontractors we have accomplished this feat.

Reddford Early learning

Parking and Entrance to the Reddford Early Learning Centre

Despite the rush, M&D has been able to maintain an extremely high quality standard, on inspections of the work done, the client expressed how impressed he was with our standard of finishes. This site team was fantastically led by Rory Clark and Patrick Pittard.

M&D Roads and Earthworks also worked on this project. Scroll down for more.

Reddford School (2)

Parking and Entrance of Junior and Senior Preparatory School Building

On Friday 27th November, a truly “black” Friday for the R&E team with the first application of black bitumen prime on the newly constructed school parking. This was indeed a milestone achievement for M&D marking the end of months of earthworks on the project which included the school’s soccer field.

Our new grader, the 12ton vibro roller and water tanker completed all the layerworks and crusher run base course for the access roads, intersections, traffic circle, sports fields and the two parking areas.

Reddford Parking

Grader &Roller
Pictured here is the Preparatory School Parking Lot (left) and the New M&D Grader and a Roller working on the Access Road (right)