Careers at M&D

As the M&D Group of companies grow, they require additional employees and new skills. Where possible, these are sourced from within the group, offering career paths for our employees. When not available within the company new positions are filled by outside candidates who are chosen for their skills and their ability to embrace the M&D culture.

The M&D group culture is underpinned by its core values, BE SAFE, DO WHAT YOU SAY, FIND THE BEST WAY, DO IT RIGHT and KHULA NATHI. The people of M&D subscribe to the company’s culture and aspirational UGRs (Unwritten Ground Rules):

  • Around here, safety begins with me!

  • Around here, the right way is the only way!
  • Around here, we find solutions!

  • Around here, you can count on me!

  • Around here, we grow, you succeed!

See the list of our current vacant positions below. Click on the link to get a detailed job specification. You may also send your CV proactively to for any position of interest not advertised below.

Interested in a career at M&D