The last of 514 culverts (3600 x 2400mm in size) was laid on the 24th of January 2017, achieving an important milestone event on site. The total length of the culverts is 628m and these were all laid with an 80ton mobile crane, on an in-situ cast concrete floor, without any mishaps.

Well done to Japhta, Derry, Ronnie, Milton and their respective teams, and Lesogo and the safety team, for achieving this as well as to all others involved (suppliers, buyers, plant hire desk, etc.)

We are looking forward to the overall completion of this project in March/April 2017.

IMG_3905 Last Culvert Going In

Last Culvert being lowered by 80ton Mobile Crane

IMG_3906 Last Culvert Laid

Last Culvert in place