M&D has long served the Energy sector with the supply of pipes of all diameters and materials, together with large tank storage facilities. M&D’s offering has been broadened through the acquisition of our totally owned subsidiary, TROTECH. The company is now the largest supplier of large steel storage tanks for the energy sector in South Africa.

In addition, M&D has a fabrication factory in Johannesburg where the company designs and manufactures pipe fittings and spools in both mild steel and stainless steel.

To supplement its pipe and tank capabilities, M&D has the expertise and equipment to undertake all the Earthworks and Civil structural construction related to larger projects.

As with all our work M&D prides itself in delivering a finished product complying with the highest specifications. This is particularly necessary in the Fuel and Energy sector and all our work and systems comply with ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management), ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management), ISO 45001: 2018 (Health & Safety Management) and ISO 3834-2 (Welding Management).

The M&D, VDC (Virtual Design and Construct) division renders, when necessary, 4D models of complex projects, enabling the client to fully comprehend the extent of the project and enabling M&D to visually manage the digital programming and construction of the project.

M&D offers, amongst others, the following relating to the Fuel and Energy sector:

  • Earthworks and Civil Structures
  • Large steel storage tanks & vessels
  • Fire suppression reticulation
  • Mild and stainless-steel piping and spools
  • SMPP (Structural, Mechanical, Plate & Piping) fabrication
  • Renewable Energy Projects:
    • Wind farm construction
    • LNG/LPG
    • Hydrogen
    • Battery storage
  • Turnkey projects

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