M&D Construction Group received an award from Hall Longmore for being the pipe-manufacturing giant’s largest account in 2017.

Hall Longmore is the biggest manufacturer of electric-resistance welded and spiral-welded steel pipe in sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s piping products are used by professional teams to build high-quality infrastructure that transports water, gas and petro chemicals in more than 30 countries.

Meanwhile, M&D Construction Group’s Pipe Laying Division is a significant participant in the South African pipeline construction industry.

The group’s capabilities in this specialised field are demonstrated by its 9CE PE Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) grading and the diversity of its clients. They include water authorities and municipalities, as well as mining, hydrocarbons and gas companies.

Moreover, M&D Construction Group’s Pipe Laying Division is one of only a few local contractors that have the internal skills and capabilities, including state-of-the-art equipment, to lay steel pipes of up to three metres in diameter.

Rukesh Raghubir, CEO of M&D Construction Group, thanks Hall Longmore for this award which, he says, also bears testament to M&D Construction Group’s standing as a leading provider of high quality pipe laying services in the country.

“Importantly, it also reaffirms M&D Construction Group’s focus on nurturing close and long-professional partnerships with all of its reputable suppliers. This is key to our rapid growth and ongoing success in so many facets of construction, not least of which is pipe laying,” Raghubir concludes.