M&D Construction Group, a leading multidisciplinary contractor, has embarked on a drive to facilitate the registration of all the company’s engineers with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as Professional Engineers, Technologists or Technicians. This is in addition to enabling the registration of the company’s site management staff with the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) as Professional Project Managers and Construction Managers.

Chris Porter, M&D Construction Group’s Commercial Director, says that this development is especially geared at enabling the company to continue attracting and retaining the best talent, including young, vibrant and dynamic engineers and construction managers. This is to ensure the continued growth of the company.

“We are creating an environment in which young engineers have the opportunity to gain both construction and design experience, as well as support and mentorship they need to register as Professional Engineers, Technologists or Technicians with the Council while pursuing a career in contracting at M&D. Young engineers, therefore, do not have to leave M&D to join consulting engineering firms that have traditionally been better than contractors at providing an environment in which they are able to develop their professional careers,” Porter says.

All relevant members of the team, spanning top level management through to those M&D staff who are actively overseeing the company’s many projects will participate in this initiative. This is because M&D wants all its construction sites to be managed by Professional Engineers, Project Managers and Construction Managers. In this way, it will ensure that its projects are in very competent hands. Moreover, it is mandatory on most South African projects that senior staff on site and those responsible for management duties be registered with ECSA and or SACPCMP.

Letaba Management Services, a specialist management services company with 14 years of experience mentoring, guiding and assisting technical staff in the engineering and construction industry register with ECSA and SACPMP, will assist M&D in facilitating the process.

“It is an extensive undertaking when considering that M&D has around 15 active construction projects throughout the country. Each of these projects is supported by a Contracts Manager, Site Manager, Construction Manager and a Site Engineer or a combination thereof,” Porter says.

A total of 18 M&D staff members with experience ranging between 2 and 40 years are currently participating in the programme. Notably, two members of this group are young women who have shown immense potential for future growth and development.

Of this group of people, 10 hold Diplomas, 7 Degrees and 1 is a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) candidate whose extensive experience in the field of construction management will be used to motivate registration with SACPCMP. The process is being led by CEO, Rukesh Raghubir, who is a Professional Construction Manager, and Porter, a Professional Engineer.

“M&D’s key strength has always been its people. This development is yet another example of how we are investing in our important human resources to ensure continued growth of the company. It provides our people with an incredible opportunity to achieve their full potential and, in the process, enhance our operational and management skills to take M&D to new heights,” Raghubir concludes.