M&D Construction Group is proud of its participation in the team of companies that donated towards the upgrade of Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital’s Ward 32, the paediatric surgery of this large state-run hospital in Soweto.

The project was coordinated by Surgeons for Little Lives, a registered non-profit organisation that is operated by a group of paediatric surgeons and compassionate South Africans who are uplifting the lives of less fortunate children by helping them access quality healthcare services.

M&D Construction Group provided the skills and capacities, as well as materials that were required to deliver the new stunning children’s bathroom, library and playroom area, while the devoted nurses working in this ward have received new sluice and locker rooms, as well as their own restroom and kitchen areas.

This leading civil engineering and building contractor was initially introduced to the project by Mumz with Hearts, one of Surgeons for Little Lives’ voluntary groups.

These caring mothers spend a large part of their time raising funds for projects that will improve healthcare services specifically at Ward 32 and the hospital’s Paediatric Burns Unit, while also helping nurses working there provide care to the many recovering children.

Lindi Pieterse and Suanne Stander, both proud members of Mumz with Hearts, were delighted to hear from M&D Construction Group’s chief-executive officer, Rukesh Raghubir, that his team would be more than willing to donate towards this very worthy cause to significantly accelerate the project.

They were first introduced to Raghubir at an auction that Mumz with Hearts hosted to raise money to first overhaul the bathrooms in the ward.

“We never thought that we would be so lucky to find a company who would be willing to fund the new bathrooms and the other important upgrades that were required at the Ward 32,” Pieterse says.

“Moreover, M&D Construction Group did a phenomenal job. The ward looks completely different to what it did a few months ago. Importantly, there is now ample space for parents and the nurses, while the children also have a comfortable environment in which to play and assist them in their quick recovery. The team was also extremely accommodating. Operating in a functioning paediatric facility, they were more than willing to work around the schedules of the hospital staff and relocate patients to different areas, so that they could complete different components of the project.”

Raghubir says that M&D Construction Group appreciates the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the lives of so many parents and children from poor communities.

“Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the world and caters to so many South Africans who cannot afford private healthcare. I, therefore, commend both Surgeons for Little Lives and Mumz with Hearts for their work that is having such a profound positive impact on the lives of the youth of our country,” Raghubir says.

He also thanks the company’s partners on this project for their generous contribution.

Davnic Plumbing undertook the wet services and plumbing; Trust Plasterers the kitchen tiling and patching; Build World the ablution tiling and patching; Unity Ceilings the dry walling and ceilings; Universal Flooring the vinyl flooring; First Class Projects the painting; Azikho Manzi the waterproofing; Profile Doors the timber works and doors; Clifford Projects the brickworks; and MBD Construction the window repairs.

Moreover, Yolanda Sedibe, a director of M&D Construction Group, led a drive to collect toys for the new play area, and she handed them over to Surgeons for Little Lives at a ceremony celebrating Nelson Mandela Day. This is an important day in the global calendar when all endeavour to emulate this international leader by making a real difference to the lives of poor South Africans.