Murray & Dickson has completed the bulk earthworks basement excavation for The New Lenmed Heart Hospital in Kimberly.

Situated close to the CBD of Kimberly, the contract required the excavation and removal offsite to spoil of approximately 20,000m3 of soft and hard rock material. This equated to a total of over 2300 truckloads of soil and rock which were removed offsite in six weeks.

Rock at Kimberley

Hard Rock removed from excavations

With 2.0 to 3.0m deep excavations, most of the excavation was in a soft rock matrix of decomposed dolerite containing many large boulders of volume greater than 1.0m3. A 51 ton dozer (D9 equivalent) was utilised to break up the soft rock, an excavator to load and rock tippers to remove the rock offsite.The rock and soil as removed offsite has been utilised in rehabilitation and landfill of disused borrow pit areas.


Construction of the building upon this site has commenced.

Kimberley E/works Complete

Fully Completed Lenmed Kimberley Earthworks Site on which the Building work has commenced