M&D Construction Group’s new office in Paarl will assist Breede Valley Local Municipality with the augmentation of the water-storage capacity at the Langerug reservoir.  

The construction of the 20 ML reservoir is the first contract to be secured by the leading diversified contractor’s local office, which will enhance existing interaction channels between the company and public- and private-sector client bodies in the Western Cape. This is in addition to significantly bolstering the group’s already strong footprint in South Africa.

“Opening a permanent operation in Paarl is a proactive step taken by head-office, considering the significant pressure that is being placed on ageing provincial and local infrastructure by new housing and other property developments in the region. Our diversity provides the flexibility that is required to supply existing and anticipated future demand for high quality infrastructure. These span civil-engineering, pipe-laying and earthworks through to road construction and general building,” Rukesh Raghubir, M&D Construction Group’s chief-executive officer, says.

Financed by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant and Breede Valley Municipality, the new reservoir will support significant growth in the Cape Winelands region, including a planned large mixed-use housing project located at the Transhex Development, Worcester.

The Paarl office was awarded this contract based on the group’s proven track record in assisting the state successfully complete complex water infrastructure projects.

Manager of the Paarl operation, Sarel Du Toit, says that the construction of the 20 Ml reservoir for Breede Valley Local Municipality will also provide M&D Construction Group ample opportunity to demonstrate its competencies in the field.

“One of the complexities of this project will be completing the construction of the post-tensioned dome-roof structure in only 56 weeks. This undertaking will rely extensively on the skills and capabilities of experienced a seasoned contracting team,” Du Toit says.

M&D Construction Group is working alongside Aurecon on this project, which is due to be completed by mid-2019.

Raghubir says water infrastructure ranks highly on policymakers’ agenda in drought-stricken Western Cape, and this will also be a significant focus for the new satellite office in the short term. 

“While the prolonged drought has had a devastating impact, it has also served as a reminder of the importance of water and associated infrastructure in the country. Provincial government, municipalities and citizens must be lauded for the stellar role that they have played in driving back ‘Day Zero’ in many cities. Combined with a steady investment into ‘hard’ water infrastructure, these interventions will go a long way in averting a future crisis and restoring many cities in the province to their former world-class status,” he concludes.