The Plant Department has achieved a lot in the last few months:

  • All equipment servicing is up to date and a machine servicing schedule has been implemented for preventative maintenance on our equipment
  • Servicing vehicles have been wrapped with M&D’s information and imagery so they are easily recognisable everywhere they go (See Plant Hire Gallery)
  • The entire fleet has been branded with the new M&D logo
  • A hire desk has been set up, for internal as well as external plant, which is working well
  • We have improved the Plant yard’s layout and are currently busy with the renovations and implementing the changes. This is to ease entry and exit of large vehicles and trucks, as well as upgrade the security to the yard
  • We have setup a scaffolding production line to ensure a quick turnaround time of scaffolding that needs to be cleaned, painted and dispatched to different sites
  • Successfully replaced older machines with new ones (see these posts: New Plant x6 and SA Builder Oct’ 2015 – Cover Story)

This is not the end of the improvements to our Yard and Plant management, expect to hear more from us in the months ahead.