The Bain and Company job which started in December 2016 has been successfully handed over.

With demolishing taking place through the December break, we had difficulties with the landlord regarding the removal of rubble off-site – rubble had to be removed after 9pm nightly so that the precinct wasn’t disturbed during the festive season. But this meant that when everyone returned from their holidays, 90% of the building was stripped and construction could start.

There were a few further delays with this job including  multiple Revisions issued for construction. To keep up with program and changes, the team had to work long and hard, from leaving the site at 12 o’clock at night and returning at 3:30am just to ensure targets were met. It was extremely challenging.

Although challenging, it is rewarding to see the clients walking through the building happily showing if off to their people. The grand opening took place on 9th May 2017 and the ribbon cutting was a success.

Well done to the team on site, we have 3 very talented juniors who have bright future ahead of them; Holywell (Wellington), Thelma and John…. WELL DONE and thank
you for your hard work.