M&D Construction, established in 1983 as a purely building construction firm, has grown to include many other construction and infrastructural disciplines. The company is committed to delivering quality workmanship through pride and teamwork, producing customer satisfaction in a safe working environment.

M&D Construction is a Level 1 Black owned B-BBEE company with CIDB ratings of 9GB PE, 9CE PE and 9ME PE.

Founded in 1983, with 40 years of service to the construction industry, M&D Construction is a broad-based construction company that offers its clients a wide range of construction services. We are a Civil, Mechanical and Pipeline Infrastructure Contractor for the Bulk Water, Mining, Heavy Industrial, Marine, Energy and Petrochemical Sectors.

The head office of M&D Construction is in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa and the company operates throughout South Africa and in the neighbouring SADC countries.

The schematic timeline covers the growth of M&D since its incorporation in 1983.

Core Values

Be Safe

Around here, Safety begins with me

Find the Best Way

Around here, we find solutions

Do What You Say

Around here, you can count on me

Khula Nathi

Around here, we grow, you succeed

M&D’s Four Uniques

We excel in the unusual

We make your life easier

We have 40 years of stability and growth

Khula Nathi – Grow with us

Our Clients

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