Pipe Laying

M&D Construction is now recognised as one of the leading Pipe Laying contractors in the country and one of only a few that owns the equipment and has the expertise necessary to lay steel pipes up to a diameter of 3 metres.

With the Company  cidb grading of 9CE PE, the Pipe Laying Division is able to tender on contracts of any value for Public sector and other clients who require a cidb rating for their projects.

Pipe laying is a specialised discipline and the company has developed the personnel and experience to lay pipes in the water, oil and gas industries. Our clients include Mining companies, Water Utility Boards, Municipalities, Oil and Gas suppliers.

In addition, the Company has an ISO 3834-2:2005 certified workshop wherein it manufactures pipe fittings for its pipeline contracts. This allows the Pipe Laying Division to respond rapidly to the needs of its sites.

M&D Construction has a breadth of Building and Civil Engineering expertise, which enables us to offer our clients complete project installations, which are not only limited to pipe laying and installation.

The division is ideally suited to undertake projects in the range of R20 million to R500 million.



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