Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering Division has operated principally in the mining infrastructure, water supply and purification, and energy sectors.

Being a cidb 9CE PE graded construction company allows our Civil Engineering Division to tender on contracts of any value for Public sector and other clients who require a cidb rating for their projects.

The diverse divisions of M&D Construction allows the company to offer a complete construction package which includes earthworks, engineering structures, building structures, roads and pipelines of any diameter. The company has successfully completed contracts for the establishment of mining infrastructure, civil structures for the fuel, gas and electricity sectors, water treatment and purification plants, pump stations and reservoirs.

The division has successfully been the lead partner in a number of Joint Ventures, which have enabled the undertaking of large and complex projects with confidence.

The division is ideally suited to undertake projects in the range of R30 million to R500 million.


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30 November 2017

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17 October 2017

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8 November 2016

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20 July 2016

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8 July 2016

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10 February 2016

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15 July 2015

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19 February 2015

Civil Engineering
11 December 2014